The Flashlights Revolution

People of the prehistoric era were really great. It was a time when there was intense darkness everywhere without any light source. They were able to live with the help of moonlight. With the discovery of fire, they were able to light woods and were able to chase the darkness.

Now, we have got everything. A single touch of the switch will light various lamps, tube lights, and a variety of door lights. Light, in addition to safeguarding us against the darkness and helping us in viewing objects, has become a symbol of beauty. A variety of decoration lights is available in the market these days.

Apart from the normal lights, we also have flashlight these days. These flashlights again act as a safety equipment in the dark when the power goes off or while camping. There are varieties of flashlights available in the market.

Initially, these were slightly big. Though these were not bigger than a foot, it was a bit heavier with many dry cell batteries and was made up of metals as the outer cover.

Slowly, the size of the flashlights reduced and the outer material also varied. Though the size got reduced the power of light increased.

Now, we have flashlights of different models and various types. The size of the battery got reduced and we have tiny batteries which can produce high power. The bulb of flashlights that are used also varies. Some of the best flashlights that are used today are the LED flashlights. These flashlights are more powerful and produce sharper lights.

Later came the use of rechargeable flashlights. The batteries that are used in the flashlights can be charged when the power starts to dip. So, instead of disposing of the flashlights, one can reuse it again and again by charging it.

The technology is still improving and we can expect lot more changes in flashlights.

Internet Technology – From 1G To 4G

The World is getting wide from a knowledge perspective. People are able to know about everything and anything just because of the availability of internet technology. The Internet is helping us in a variety of ways.

Whether it is a treatment of a disease or a simple recipe or thorough analysis of a particular subject, everybody gets their first solution on the Internet. As it has become important in almost all people’s lives, everybody has an internet connection at home. However, the use of Internet has made it important to have it on their mobile and iPhones.

Now, there are lots of apps for everything in Android phones. Whether it is a game or a match, whether it is business management software or an expense manager, one can have it on their mobile and can control everything over a single touch.

So, people are on the lookout for good speed for their internet connection. There has been a great change in the technology of Internet. It has changed from the first generation to the fourth generation now.

Growth from the first generation to the fourth

Initially, it was a 1G network which was just more than sending message and calls. It was accessible only within the country.

Under 2G it was a digital format transmission and was available globally

With the introduction of 3G, the data transmission speed increased and the range of the speed was between 384kbps to 2mbps. So, it helped one in voice and video calling, the internet was of main use in watching high definition videos and surfing.

Today, it is of 4G technology mostly in use. With 4G, the data transmission speed has increased and the speed ranges from 100mbps to 1gbps.

With the next 5G technology are on the development side, British telecom has started offering 4g facilities with a variety of plans like BT unlimited broadband calls, BT SIM only, total entertainment plan and so on. So, choose the best that suits your need and enjoy having everything over the internet.

Radar Detectors And What You Should Look For.

There are many radar detectors available in the market. There are tons of models with features- some that look good, some with helpful reviews and some that are expensive. However, the bottom line remains that if the detector does not detect a radar, it does not suit your purpose. So, it is essential to read all the radar detector reviews both the good and the bad. In addition, it is good to read about the features and what it offers before you decide to purchase the product.

Price is not everything: If you go for the cheapest radar detector, the possibility is that it will warn you of everything in the vicinity and this could be even the grocery doors that open and close. So, what you need is a detector that uses the next generation fully digital signal processing. This will really help to reduce the false alerts to a considerable extent.

Dual Antenna Option: The dual Antenna detector provides a forward facing and a rear facing antenna. This increases its ability to spot radars at greater distances. In some cases of testing, it could spot a radar 12 km away.

POP Radar Alerts: Generally, you don’t encounter radars that are used in the POP mode. However, detectors that claim that they can trigger an alarm when encountering a radar in POP mode may be helpful only if you drive in areas where this mode is used very often. However, the downside is that while searching for such radars, it uses the lesser time to analyze a signal and hence triggering a few false alarms.

Buying a radar detector should ideally allow you to relax while you drive. With technology improvements, innovative designs and enhancements allow you to combine, Bluetooth, GPS and Smartphone compatibility. Not only can you drive with all the modern gadgets but also without distractions.


Ready, Set, Let’s Get Gaming

If you are a hardcore PC gamer you will appreciate some of the best gaming monitors of 2017. There are quite a few that have come up this year that are worth a look.

  • Acer Predator XB271HU

This is a silky smooth gaming monitor that offers excellent performance. The colours are extremely vibrant. It is compatible with the Nvidia’s G-Sync feature. Another advantage is Up to 144Hz panel. The viewing angles are excellent too.

  • Samsung U28E590D 28 inch 4K LED Monitor

With over 8 billion pixels and a 4K display; this monitor has made it to the list of the best gaming monitors of 2017. The detailed images and the brightness of 370cd/m help you see the whole game clearly and pick off your enemies immediately. You are not likely to miss out on anything with this 28 inch LED Monitor. The super-thin bezel that surrounds the display lets you get the whole picture.

  • BenQ XL2720Z

This gaming monitor lets you play like a pro. It is fantastic for gaming and has many features that make it the perfect gaming monitor. The 144 Hz monitors are ultra responsive and the 27-inch version of this monitor has been slated as the best in 2017. The zero flicker technology ensures that there is no pressure on the eyes. This is very crucial to an avid gamer who spends hours in front of the monitor.

  • BenQ GL2450

With the option of power saving mode and a 5ms refresh rate, the BenQ GL2450 has made it to the best gaming monitors of 2017. The definition and the colour depth are incredibly high. The games are clear because of the Senseye tech.

As far as gaming monitors are considered, the bigger the better. If there is room, a 27-inch screen with full high-definition and a maximum resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels will make your dreams come true.

Heat Press Machine – Design The Best Gift

Whether it is a birthday of your naughty son or daughter, Valentine’s Day or an unforgettable event like an anniversary, you will be wishing to gift your beloved ones with a more touching and surprising gift.

Why not gift them a t-shirt or mug which has personalised picture printed on it? Having a shirt, mug or cap with your desired picture and graphics on it is not new these days. It has become more common. If you are not familiar with it or if you ever wonder how these images and graphics are printed on the item you choose then here is what you have to do to get your images on shirts and mugs.

* Join the best site that provides you such facility and create a login for yourself

* Select the item like t-shirts, mugs, plates or cap (The service provider will have their own list) on which you like the graphics to be printed

* Upload your desired images on the site.

* Choose the image and pre defined graphics to be printed and custom design the item.

* Submit it in your account for print and delivery.

This is what you have to do from your side.

The service provider will have access to your request and can replicate the design on the item you chose.

* They have your chosen images and graphics printed on a specialised transparent paper

* They transfer those graphics on the chosen item with the help of Heat Press Machine which is a specially designed machine that works on heat and pressure.

A common person cannot invest much to have a custom designed image on the item for a single purpose. There are service providers who are specialised and have got equipment for designing it. So, make use of them and gift your loved ones with personalised picture on your gift.

Choosing the Right Firewood

Choosing the Right Firewood

Whether you’re looking to heat your home by burning wood in a cozy wood stove, or you’re going camping and need to burn wood to stay warm and cook your food, then it’s important that you pick the right kind of firewood and where to buy firewood from.

Drier Wood is Better

Heat is generated from combustion of your firewood and different types of wood burn differently. Not all types of wood burn well. Wet, unseasoned wood is particularly bad, because the energy of the fire is converted into steam and lost.

Seasoned firewood is dried and then cut into small pieces so it burns much more effectively.

Here are a few ways that you can identify the really good dry wood that’ll burn well:

The wood should generally be darker in color as this means it’s older, and thus is probably a lot drier. Fresh wood has a much higher chance of still containing a lot of moisture in the small tubes of the wood.
Wood that is light in color has a strong chance of being free from moisture. Since water is quite heavy, if the wood is full of moisture then it’ll be a lot heavier than dry wood.
Cracked ends on the wood are another sign that it’s very dry.

Finding Good Dry Firewood In the Outdoors

In general it’s going to take months for wood to dry out, unless you happen to live in an area that has very little rain and is warm year round. If you don’t need to burn the wood any time soon then the best plan is to forage for wood in the spring/summer, and let it dry out slowly so that it’s ready for the winter.
However, if you need to burn the wood on the same day then look for the low hanging, dead branches. They have a much better chance of being dry, since you’ll find some branches that have been dead for quite a while, they won’t be taking moisture from the ground through the roots and they’re also shielded from rain since they’re low branches.
Branches that have fallen to the ground can be used, but they’re more likely to contain moisture. You’ll be able to tell how dry the branches are by how easily they snap. The really dry ones will be quite brittle and will snap easily.