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Online Percentage Calculator:

Our online percentage calculator helps you to calculate the percentage of a number. Here you need to find the percentages of a number you need to enter the values in its appropriate and click on calculate. Our percent calculator provides you the solution for what is X percent of Y, What is X percent of a Y, and X is Y percent then 100% is?. Our tool provides you percent change to a fraction number conversion.

What is the percentage?

The percentage is a mathematics terminology which derived from Latin word per centum, it means 100. The percentage is a number represents a fraction of 100. its symbol is "%" & abbreviation is "pc or p". So if we want to know 50% then 50/100 = 1/2 then 80% means 80/100 = 4/5.

Percentage formula:

P = Fraction value x Total value.


Find 30% of 100?

(30/100) x100 = 30

How to find percentage?

It is so simple to calculate the percentage of a number. To calculate the percentage you need to convert percent to fraction then multiply with a principal number. It is useful in many sectors in our day to life like shopping etc.

Note: To convert percent to Fraction number you need to multiplied by 100.


Find 80% of 1500?

We know

P = Fraction value x Total value.

P = (80/100) x1500

P = 0.8x1500

P = 1200

How to use percentage calculator?

To calculate percentage with the traditional method is a bit complicated for sometimes. So our calculator comes with a complete solution of a percentage calculation. Follow the below steps to use our application.


Open percentage calculator.


Choose proper percentage finder and enter the values in it.


Click on calculate to get accurate results.