Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the easy unit converter?

Unit converter is a free online measurement converter. It converts metric units to imperial units. Our unit converter provides a very easy user interface to use every one.

How do you convert from one unit to another?

Here were multiple measuring systems developed in a different part of the world. To convert from metric units to imperial units we develop our unit converter.

Where can I report if I found a mistake or bug in your site?

If you found spelling mistakes, conversion error, missing unit, & suggestions you can contact us.

Do I need to register to use

No, you don’t require to register in order to use our application.

Do I need to enable JavaScript to use easy unit converter?

Yes, you need to enable JavaScript.

I can't find the unit that I am looking for?

If you don’t find any unit that you want to convert then you can report us.

Do I link your site pages?

Yes, you can link our site pages by using our HTML tag. Easy Unit Converter

How do I copy the result?

Our unit converter provides a special feature that copies the result that other sites don’t have. You just click on the copy button to copy the result.

Why is the unit conversion showing the wrong result?

The reasons you getting the wrong result:

1. You may have mistakenly selected the wrong category of units on the dropdown. Make sure to select the correct category. Some units have similarly named Volume and Mass versions.

For example:
Volume fluid ounces (fl oz)
Mass ounces (oz)

2. Make sure to select the correct category of units on the dropdown. Many units have multiple versions of the same unit named.

The Volume unit of gallon (gal) has 3 different definitions (Imperial, US dry, and US liquid).

gal (gallon) [Imperial]
gal (gallon) [US dry]
gal (gallon) [US liquid]

Please Make sure to select the correct unit according to your need.