Below we provide GPA, CGPA, Letter Grade calculators to determine the academic performance of student for university, college, & school.

Education is the key to success in life. We know technology influences our world and due to huge development in the IT field, each and every field using forward-looking technology. The education system also gets influence & adopted a lot of new changes.

Grading is a standard measuring method to estimate student academic performance. Following years there are numeral marks framework to measure student’s performance, but due to many limitations in marks framework system, it replaces with the grading system.

In 1785 for the first time, the grading system is implemented at Yale University United States. At the time the grading system is classified student performance into four categories optimi (best), second option (second best), inferiors (lesser) & pejores (worse). After 1920 letter grades come into the picture with letters A, B, C, D, & F. Nowadays most of the universities, colleges, & schools are using the letter grading system. These letters represent as
A - Excellent or superior.
B - Above average.
C - Average.
D - Below average.
F - Fail or poor.

The grade is representing in various other forms like numerical grade, grade points, percentage & more. In united states, they use a letter grading with A+, A, A−, B+, B, B−, C+, C, C−, D+, D, D−, F and grade point range is 0 to 4. Different education broads using a different grading system. Below we equate grade letters, percentage, & grade point systems.

Letter Grade Percentage Grade Point Average (GPA)
A 90%-100% 4.0
B 80%-89% 3.0
C 70%-79% 2.0
D 60%-69% 1.0
F < 60% 0.0

Some of the united state universities using this letter grade system shown below.

Letter Grade Percentage Grade Point Average (GPA)
A+ 97–100% 4.33/4.00 or 4.00/4.00
A 93–96% 4.00/4.00
A− 90–92% 3.67/4.00
B+ 87–89% 3.33/4.00
B 83–86% 3.00/4.00
B- 80–82% 2.67/4.00
C+ 77–79% 2.33/4.00
C 73–76% 2.00/4.00
C- 70–72% 1.67/4.00
D+ 67–69% 1.33/4.00
D 63–66% 1.00/4.00
D- 60–62% 0.67/4.00
F 0–59% 0.00/4.00