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Online Grade Calculator :

It is a free online grade calculator. It allows the user to calculate Average grade, additional grade value with Grade calculation. It optimizes to calculate a final weighted grade, grade point with grade percentage. It supports to evaluate overall grade, semester, assignment exam grade for school and college. Our online average grade point calculator uses the standard official grade scale for grade calculation. It supports three different ways of grade evaluation they are grade percentage calculation, grade average calculation and grade point calculation.

If you use this tool you will get an idea that what is your desired grade for your performance. If you want to improve your academic grade you need to plan your study schedule such a way that improve your academic grades. It also helps you to find the required additional grades to achieve your final grade goal.

How can I calculate my grade?

To calculate overall grade, semester grade, and assignment grade calculation. You need to multiply the grade percentage value to weight value is divided by some of the total numbers of weighted values. It supports to measure weighted average grade for final exams based on weighted score.

The weighted Grade calculation formula :

Weighted Grade = some of grade percent value X weight value / Some of the weight values.

W.G = (P1XW1 + P2XW2 ........) / (W1+W2 ........)


P1 = First subject grade percentage value.

P2 = Second subject grade percentage value.

W1 = Frist subject weight value.

W2 = Second subject weight value.

How to use a grade calculator?

To use the calculator you need to follow below steps.


Open Grade Calculator.

Step 2:

Select the type of result you wish Grade Percentage, Grade Letter, and Grade Point.

Step 3:

Enter the grade letter, grade percentage, grade weight values as per your requirement.

Note: It allows the user to add rows if it required.

Step 4:

Click on Calculate to get results.

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