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CGPA Calculator :

It is a free online college GPA (CGPA) calculator. It helps you to measure overall final GPA, Semester grade point average calculations. Our CGPA calculator evaluates GPA scale score quickly and 100% accurate. To calculate college cumulative GPA grade score it required class name, credit hours, and grade. It allows you to add rows if you required. GPA score places a key role in students life to get a merit scholarship, higher education, and job interviews. It supports high schools, level classes, weighted GPA scale, letter grade, and semester GPA grade calculations. GPA score will change as grades and credits get change.

What is CGPA and How to calculate college GPA?

CGPA stands for College Grade Point Average. It helps to calculate student academic performance and achievements per semester or per year. Our college GPA use a standard grading system to calculate grade average. To calculate CGPA you need Credit Hours, Grades score.

How to use?

To use this application you need to follow the below steps.s

1. Open College GPA Calculator.

2. Enter your class name, credit hours, and grades score.

3. Click on Calculate to get CGPA score.