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Online VAT Calculator :

VAT calculator determines value added tax on a particular product. Our online vat calculator supports 25 different countries currency vat calculation including India, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand and more.

To find value added tax amount of a product you just need to enter the net amount of a product, a vat tax rate of a product then click on add vat or remove vat as per your requirement then our vat calculator provides you as a result net amount, vat amount, and gross amount of a product as per on going vat rate.

What is VAT?

VAT stands for "value added tax". It added at each stage of the supply chain. Value added tax also we can call consumption tax because of it avoid tax on tax. In value added tax system, once tax paid at any stages of production of the supply chain than for the next time vat tax will be a return. VAT calculation is a taxpayer's tax consumption at every point on the supply chain. It is an indirect tax and it avoids all the additional taxes like retail sales tax. You can reduce your tax amount on your business goods and services. Get vat return of reduced rate amount by register for vat and open government license.

For a clear understanding of VAT, we go with an example.

Consider a product manufacturer sells his product to the dealer at a cost $100 at 5% VAT, then the total cost will be $105. The dealer sells the product to the customer at a cost $200 at 5% VAT then here VAT is calculated only on $100 that means the total cost of a product is $205 only.

How to calculate VAT?

To calculate VAT you need to use VAT formula.

VAT = the taxable amount × applicable VAT rate / 100

It bit complicated to calculate VAT manually so to make easy you need to use our application. It makes your work a bit easy. You just need to enter the values and click on add vat or remove vat. It will give you the net amount, gross amount, and VAT amount.

How to use VAT calculator?

To use our value added tax calculator, you need to follow below steps.


Open VAT Calculator.


Choose the Country in which you want to calculate VAT.


Enter the initial amount, vat rate.


Click on add vat or remove vat.


It will estimate the net amount, VAT amount, and gross amount.