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Early Repayment Loan Calculator

Loan Early Repayment Calculator

Loan Early Repayment Calculator – Results
  Min. Monthly Repayments Increased Monthly Repayments
Monthly Repayment: 500.00 700.00
Interest Paid: 18715.31 10548.03
Number of Payments: 97 58

Early Repayment Loan Calculator

The Early Repayment Loan Calculator is a user-friendly online tool designed to help loan borrowers understand the impact of making additional payments on their loans.

Early repayment or prepayment means paying off your loan before the due date. This can be done either fully or partially.

Who Benefits from Early Repayment?

How Does the Early Repayment Calculator Work?

Enter your current loan balance, annual interest rate, current monthly repayment, and the additional amount you can pay each month.

The Formula Behind the Calculator

The calculator uses a specific formula:

\[ \text{New Loan Term} = \text{Function}(\text{Current Loan Balance}, \text{Interest Rate}, \text{Current Monthly Repayment}, \text{Additional Monthly Repayment}) \]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is early repayment of loan beneficial?

Yes, it can be beneficial as it reduces the total interest paid over the life of the loan.

How to pay a 20-year loan in 10 years?

To pay off a 20-year loan in 10 years, increase your monthly payments or make large lump-sum payments towards the principal.

Will prepayment reduce EMI?

Prepayment typically reduces the loan term rather than the monthly EMI, unless your lender recalculates your EMI following the prepayment.

How is prepayment calculated?

Prepayment calculation depends on the remaining loan balance, the interest rate, and the loan term. The exact calculation can vary between lenders.

How to get 15 lakhs immediately?

Obtaining 15 lakhs immediately would usually involve taking a loan. It's crucial to explore options with favorable interest rates and terms.

Is loan preclosure good or bad?

Loan preclosure can be advantageous for saving on interest, but consider any prepayment penalties and your overall financial situation.

How to close a 15-year loan in 5 years?

To close a 15-year loan in 5 years, you'll need to increase your monthly payments significantly and, if possible, make additional lump-sum payments.

How to pay off a 30-year loan in 5 years?

Paying off a 30-year loan in 5 years requires substantially higher monthly payments and, ideally, occasional larger lump-sum payments.

How to repay a 50 lakh loan?

Create a plan with higher monthly payments, consider lump-sum prepayments, or look for refinancing options at a lower interest rate.

What is the risk of prepayment?

The primary risk is incurring prepayment penalties, which some lenders charge for early loan settlement.

How much prepayment is allowed?

This varies by lender; some allow unlimited prepayments, while others set limits or charge fees.

Is higher EMI better than prepayment?

A higher EMI reduces the loan duration but may strain your monthly budget. Prepayment reduces the total interest paid without affecting the monthly EMI.