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Inverse Log Calculator :

Our antilog calculator calculates the inverse logarithmic value of any number with any arbitrary base. Here you can estimate antilog of any real integer number concerning its base. You can find the antilogarithm of any number concerning its base value.

Logarithm :

The logarithm of any number is express as an exponent to another fixed number. The number 8 is expressed as 2*2*2 so to get 8 we are multiplying number 2 for three times so logarithm of 8 is 3.
Here how we can express log2(8) = 3.

Antilog Or Inverse Log :

The inverse function is the opposite process of the natural logarithm function. In the main function, the process will start from point A and end at point B but in the inverse, it starts from B and end at A. The inverse function of the logarithm is called Antilog or Inverse log. if the logarithm X with base b is Y (logbX = Y) then antilog is X antilogbY=X.

What is antilog?

Antilog is an inverse function of the logarithm. Antilog is also called an Inverse log. If logbX = Y then antilog is antilogbY = X.

How to calculate the inverse log?

To calculate inverse log you need to follow below necessary steps.

Open antilog calculator.

Enter the antilog number and its base value in its appropriate field.

Click on calculate to compute antilog value.