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Inverse Tangent Calculator

It is a free online arctan calculator or inverse tangent calculator. Arctangent is an inverse function Tan(x).

arctan(y) = tan-1(y).

How to use arctan calculator?

To use arctan calculator you need to follow below steps.

1. Open Arctan Calculator.

2. Enter the arctan value that you want to convert.

3. Click on "Calculate" to get values in degrees, radians.

common arctan values

xarctan(x) (°)arctan(x) (rad.)
-∞ -90° -π/2
-√3 -60° -π/3
-1 -45° -π/4
-1/√3 -30° -π/6
0 0
1/√3 30° π/6
1 45° π/4
√3 60° π/3
+∞ 90° π/2