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Scientific Notation Calculator


Standard Notation Calculator :

It specially designed to perform add, subtract, multiply, and divide of scientific notation numbers. Insert the two scientific numbers in their appropriate fields. Select the operator adds, subtract, multiply, or divide to operate on it. Click on calculate to get the standard result along with e-notation & decimal notation forms.

About Notations :

Notations used to represent complex numbers in a simple format. Notations are used in science, engineering and many other fields. We can write a very large number or a small number in a simple and convenient manner by using notations. There are three different types of notations are there namely
Scientific notation or standard notation.
Engineering notation.

Scientific Notations :

Scientific notations are also called "Standard notations". We can write any number in the form of "M*10n". Here we have two parts magnitude and exponent (power of 10). The magnitude value is varied in between 1 < |m| < 10 & "n" value is varied based on magnitude value.

Magnitude value must be varied from 1 to 10. So to make it we have to move decimal point value from left to right then the exponent is positive. If a decimal point moves from right digit to the left then the exponent is negative.

Converter 500000000000000000 number to scientific notation?
We know 100000000000000000 = 1017 then
500000000000000000 = 5x1017.

24000 convert to scientific notation?
We know 10000 = 104 then
24000 = 2.4x104.

Engineering Notation :

It is identical as standard notation except magnitude (m) range. For engineering notations range must be in 1 < |m| < 1000. It is used in engineering calculators.

Convert 345600000000 to prefix gaga notation?
1000000000 = 109 then
345600000000 = 345.6 × 109.

E – Notations :

E-notations are same as standard notations but instead of powers of 10, we use "e" to represent the number. It is also called exponential notations.

Convert 500000000000000000 to E-notation?
We know 1000000000 = 109 then
500000000000000000 = 5 x 109 is scientific notation.
5 x 109 = 5e9 is E-notation.

Scientific Notation Formulas :

If two numbers N1= M1*10n1, N2 = M2*10n2.
To add two scientific notation numbers we need to use formula.
For addition:
N1+N2 = M1*10n1 + M2*10n2.
For subtract:
N1-N2 = M1*10n1 - M2x10n2.
For multiplication:
N1N2 = (M1.M2) x 10(n1+n2).
For division:
N1/N2 = (M1/M2) x 10(n1-n2).

How to use scientific notation calculator?

Check out our user guide carefully to use scientific notation calculator.
Open scientific notation calculator.
Enter the two numbers.
Choose the operator to perform.
Click on calculate to get the result.