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Simple tip calculator :

Simple tip calculator estimates the tip amount for restaurant, hair salon and more with tip percentage. Our easy tip calculator calculates tip as per service provided like outstanding, good, it was ok, bad, and terrible. In general, a tip can be in between 5% to 30%. If service is outstanding, tip 30%, if it good service then 20%, if it was ok then 15%, if it is bad then 10%, if it was terrible then the tip is nothing or 5% and complaint to management. Our tip calculator app has an amazing feature that if you want to split the bill including service charge, sales tax, tip then it calculates for you.

What is the tip?

The tip is also called as "gratuity". It is an optional extra amount paid to workers to appreciate their service. It can be used in restaurants, hair salon, taxi driver, and maids, etc. In some countries, the tip is considered as an appreciation & in some countries, it considers an insult.

How to calculate the tip?

To calculate the tip you need to know percentage calculation. If you know how to calculate percentage then you can calculate easily.


If your bill is $25 then if you want to pay tip 10% then 10% of $25 is $2.5.

How to use a tip calculator?

Our online tip calculator is so simple to use. To calculate tip you need to follow below steps.


Open the Tip Calculator.


Enter the bill total amount, percentage of the tip.


If you want to split the total bill including tip between your friends then enter the number of people.


Click on calculate to get tip amount.