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Objective of Measurement:

Measurement is the most important aspect of our life. We use measurement in science, engineering, business trading, personal life, education, and more other fields. As technology is growing day by day so we need a highly accurate and easy convenient global measuring system in each and every field. It is essential to use standard measurement in every field that everyone to be sure that they not get cheated.

History of Measurement:

In history for measurement people used the human body as a tool. For measuring length used forearm, hand, foot & finger as a unit. The foot, finger is a subdivided shorter unit of a length. This type of measurement is not accurate cause different in size of the arm & finger for different people & some of the countries still using it. In history, there were lots of measuring systems developed but mostly used imperial, the metric system of measurement. We use these systems for measure distances, volume, mass & weight, speed, area etc. Due to this a major problem everyone is facing while doing trading between the countries. A huge improvement in civilization, It necessary to improve measuring standards. Nowadays International Standard (SI) units are used as a global measurement system. A three-dimensional space occupied by an object is called "Volume" defined by The International standard (IS) system of units. Volume symbol is "V" and SI unit is Cubic meter (m3), other units Litre, Fluid ounce, gallon, quart, pint, tsp, fluid dram, in3, yd3, barrel.

Volume - Unit Converter:

Our Unit Converter will convert the volume units Cubic Meter, Cubic Kilometer, Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Millimeter, LiterMilliliter, US Gallon, US Quart, US Pint, US Cup, US Fluid Ounce, US Table Spoon, US Tea Spoon, Cubic Mile, Cubic Yard, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch to vice versa from imperial to metric system with metric conversion table. It specially designed to convert liters to gallons, gallons to liters, mL to cups, cups to mL.

Metric Conversion Factor Tables for Volume Converter

Units to convert Multiply By The Number Convert as Unit
Canadian Gallons 4.5461 Liters (L, l)
Hectoliters 2.8378 U.S. bushels
Liters (L, l) 0.2642 gallons
Liters (L, l) 0.1135 pecks
Liters (L, l) 1.8162 pints (dry)
Liters (L, l) 2.1134 pints (liquid)
Liters (L, l) 0.908 Quarts (qt)
Liters (L, l) 0.9081 Quarts (qt) (dry)
Liters (L, l) 1.0567 Quarts (qt) (liquid)
Cubic feet 0.02831685 cubic meters
Cubic inches 0.00001639 cubic meters
Cubic yards 0.7645549 cubic meters
Fluid Ounces 0.00002957 cubic meters
Fluid Ounces 29.57353 milliliters
Gallons (gal) 0.00378541 cubic meters
Gallons (gal) 3.7853 Liters (L, l)
Pecks 8.8096 Liters (L, l)
pints (dry) 0.5506 Liters (L, l)
pints (liquid)0.4732 Liters (L, l)
Quarts (qt) (dry) 1.1012 Liters (L, l)
Quarts (qt) (liquid)0.9463 Liters (L, l)
U.S. bushels 0.3524 hectoliters

Volume conversions & it's abbreviations

cubic meter m^3cubic kilometer km^3cubic centimeter cm^3
cubic millimeter mm^3liter L, lmilliliter mL
gallon (US) gal (US)quart (US) qt (US)pint (US) pt (US)
cup (US)cuptablespoon (US)tspteaspoon (US)t
cubic mile mi^3cubic yard yd^3cubic foot ft^3
cubic inch in^3cubic decimeter dm^3exaliter EL
petaliter PLteraliter TLgigaliter GL
megaliter MLkiloliter kLhectoliter hL
dekaliter daLdeciliter dLcentiliter cL
microliter µLnanoliter nLpicoliter pL
femtoliter fLattoliteraLcc cc, cm^3
dropbarrel (oil) bbl (oil)barrel (US) bbl (US)barrel (UK) bbl (UK)
gallon (UK) gal (UK)quart (UK) qt (UK)pint (UK) pt (UK)
cup (metric)cupcup (UK)cupfluid ounce (US) fl oz (US)
fluid ounce (UK) fl oz (UK)tablespoon (metric)tsp or ttablespoon (UK)tsp or t
dessertspoon (US)dstspndessertspoon (UK)dstspnteaspoon (metric)tsp
teaspoon (UK)tspgill (US) gigill (UK) gi (UK)
minim (US)-minim (UK)-ton register ton reg
ccf-hundred-cubic foot-acre-foot ac*ft
acre-foot (US survey)-acre-inch ac*indekasterestere st
decisterecord cdtun-hogshead-
board foot-dram drcor (Biblical)-
homer (Biblical)-bath (Biblical)-hin (Biblical)-
cab (Biblical)-log (Biblical)-Taza (Spanish)-
Earth's volume-

Complete list of Volume conversion units and its conversion.

  • 1 liter [L, l] = 1000 milliliter [mL]
    liters to ml
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.0042267528 cup (US)
    ml to cups
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.001 liter [L, l]
    ml to l
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 1.6907011351 fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)]
    ml to oz US
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.0351950797 fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)]
    ml to oz UK
  • 1 gallon (US) [gal (US)] = 3.785411784 liter [L, l]
    gallon to liter
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.000001 cubic meter [m^3]
    ml to cm3
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.05 liter [L, l]
    ml to liters
  • 1 milliliter [mL] = 0.0676280454 tablespoon (US)
    ml to tsp
  • 1 cup (US) = 400 fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)]
    cup US to oz
  • 1 cup (US) = 8.3267418463 fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)]
    cup UK to oz
  • 1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 milliliter [mL]
    cup to ml
  • 1 tablespoon (US) = 14.786764781 milliliter [mL]
    tbsp to ml
  • 1 tablespoon (US) = 25 fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)]
    tbsp US to oz
  • 1 tablespoon (US) = 0.5204213654 fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)]
    tbsp to oz