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Percent Change Calculator

It is a free online percent change calculator. It measures the change between the initial value to the final value of a product. It is very useful in medical, financial, bussness and lots of more fields to check the growth or decay rates.

Percent Change Formula

Percent change formula = [(Final value - initial value)/ Initial Value] X 100%

How to calculate percent change?

To find percent change we go with an example.


Find percent change increment or decrement values follow 12.5 to 15.2?

Initial value = 12.5, final value = 15.2 then percent change = ?

We know percent change formula

Percent change = [(Final value - initial value)/ Initial Value] X 100 %

PC = [(15.2 - 12.5)/12.5] X 100

PC = [2.7/12.5] X 100

PC = 0.216 X 100


PC = 21.599999999999994%