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Our auto loan calculator estimates auto loan rates, auto loan amortization, loan interest, and loan payoff. To calculate exact monthly loan EMI value you need to know principal amount, the interest rate on loan, and loan tenure. Once you are familiar about a loan interest rate, monthly payments (EMI) value, and pay off your loan then you can schedule amortization.

Our auto loan payoff calculator estimates your total loan amount including vehicle purchase price, sales tax, product services charge, loan interest, and processing fee.

What is an auto loan?

It is much similar to a personal loan here loan is taken to any vehicle purchase or purchasing a car or auto. Here loan amount directly paid to purchase an auto by the bank. To get the loan borrower need to get eligibility, If borrower fulfils all the requirement of bank then they get the loan. Every bank has their own rules and regulation for loan eligibility but every bank will consider credit scores as the main factor. Before you make a deal once read the entire loan terms and conditions.

How to use auto payment calculator?

To calculate auto EMI manual method bit complicated so our tool makes your work easy. You need to enter the principal amount, interest on the loan, and total loan time. Follow the below instructions to use this tool.


Open Auto loan calculator.


Enter the loan amount, loan interest rate, and time period of the loan.


Click on calculate to get exact EMI value.