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Simple Loan Calculator :

Loan calculator is online EMI calculator. It supports to calculate loan interest, monthly loan EMI payments, loan payoff. It helps you to find your repayment capacity and It suggests you to reducing the EMI as per your capacity. Our loan payoff calculator offers you to find how much monthly EMI you can afford and you can adjust loan tenure as per it.

ou can calculate affordable monthly EMI according to loan payoff time. Loan payoff calculator provides you the total amount, interest paid along with processing fee. Our loan interest calculator estimates the total outstanding balance and interest paid once you finish your loan payoffs.

EMI Calculator :

Our EMI calculator gives you a perfect solution for your questions like,

How to calculate the monthly payment on a loan?

How to calculate EMI?

How long to pay off the loan?

How to calculate interest rate on a loan?

How long will it take to pay off my loan?

How to calculate bank loan interest?

How much interest will I pay?

Our loan EMI calculator gives you a complete solution for your above questions. If you want to know the solution for your questions you need to enter the loan amount, Interest rate, and time period to pay off the loan. Our loan repayment calculates the monthly loan EMI, the total amount of loan, and the total loan interest that you need to pay. EMI value depends upon loan tenure and interest. Every organization has different loan term & conditions, interest rates as per the type of a loan like a student loan, car loan, housing loan, auto loan, etc.

What is EMI and how to calculate?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. It includes loan principal and interest amount. EMI amount depends upon the loan tenure and interest rates. If a life of the loan is longer than small EMI amount you need to pay. If loan pay off time is short then loan EMI value is high.

To calculate EMI you need to know details of the principal amount, Rate of interest, and Loan pay off time. Simply enter the values in the formula you will get the result.

EMI calculation formula :

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]

How to use Loan calculator?

To use our calculator, you need to follow the instructions given below.

1. Open Loan Calculator.

2. Enter the values loan amount, rate of interest, and the number of years.

3. Click on Calculate to get results.