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Measurement is an essential aspect of our daily lives, permeating various fields like science, engineering, business, education, and more. As technology evolves, the demand for a highly accurate and universally accepted measuring system becomes increasingly critical. Standardized measurement ensures fairness and reliability in every domain, eliminating the possibility of deception or miscalculations.

Historical Perspective:

In ancient times, humans relied on their bodies as rudimentary tools for measurement. Length, for example, was determined using units like the forearm, hand, foot, and finger. However, these units were often imprecise due to variations in individual body sizes, leading to inconsistencies in measurements. In the realm of weight, the "Cubit" was a commonly used unit, representing the length from fingertip to elbow. Subunits such as the foot and finger were derived from it. Nevertheless, these methods lacked standardization, causing complications, particularly in international trade.

Over time, various measurement systems were developed, with the imperial and metric systems emerging as the most widely utilized. These systems encompassed measurements of distances, volume, mass, weight, speed, and area. However, international trade faced significant challenges due to the lack of a universal measuring system. To address these issues and ensure uniformity, the International System of Units (SI) was introduced as a global measurement standard. This marked a major step forward in the evolution of measurement.

Length Unit Converter:

Our Unit Converter simplifies the conversion of length units, offering a seamless transition between the imperial and metric systems. It provides support for converting units such as Meters (m), Kilometers (km), Centimeters (cm), Millimeters (mm), Micrometers, Nanometers, Miles (m or mi), Yard (yd), Foot (ft), Inch (in), and Light Year. Furthermore, it includes a comprehensive metric conversion table for reference. Our specialized converter excels in converting common length units, such as:

  • Centimeters to inches
  • Inches to centimeters
  • Millimeters to inches
  • Inches to millimeters
  • Kilometers to miles
  • Miles to kilometers
  • Centimeters to feet
  • Feet to centimeters
  • Inches to feet
  • Feet to inches
  • Meters to yards
  • Yards to meters

Additional Converters:

Beyond length conversions, our versatile converter tool offers a wide range of other unit conversions, catering to diverse needs across various industries. Whether you're dealing with weight, temperature, area, or volume, our converter is designed to provide you with precise results.


In today's interconnected world, precision in measurement is paramount. Our Unit Converter is your trusted companion, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your calculations. It stands as an invaluable tool across multiple industries, simplifying complex conversion tasks.

Embrace standardized measurement with confidence by using our user-friendly, efficient converter. Join the countless professionals who rely on our tool for precise and reliable measurements.

Metric Conversion Factor Tables for Length Converter

Units to convert Multiply By The Number Convert as Unit
CentiMeters (cm) 0.03281 Feet (ft)
CentiMeters (cm) 0.3937007874 Inches (in)
Cubic Meters 35.3145 Cubic Feet (ft)
KiloMeters (Km) 0.62 Miles (mi)
Meters (m) 3.2808 Feet (ft)
Meters (m) 39.37007874 Inches (in)
Meters (m) 0.0006214 Miles (mi)
Meters (m) 1.0936 Yards (yd)
MilliMeters (mm) 0.03937007874 Inches (in)
Feet (ft) 0.3048 Meters (m)
Inches (in) 2.54 CentiMeters (cm)
Inches (in) 25.4 MilliMeters (mm))
Miles (mi) 1.609347 KiloMeters (Km)
Yards (yd) 0.9144 Meters (m)

Length converters & it's abbreviations

metermkilometer kmdecimeter dm
centimeter cmmillimeter mmmicrometerµm
nanometer nmmile mi, mi (Int)yard yd
foot ftinch inlight year ly
exameter Empetameter Pmterameter Tm
gigameter Gmmegameter Mmhectometer hm
dekameter dammicron µpicometer pm
femtometer fmattometer ammegaparsec Mpc
kiloparsec kpcparsec pcastronomical unit AU, UA
league (statute) st. leaguenautical league (int.)nautical mile (UK) NM (UK), M, NM, or nmi
nautical mile (international)M, NM, or nmimile (statute) mi, mi (US)mile (US survey) mi
mile (Roman)m.pkiloyard kydfurlong fur
furlong (US survey) furchain chchain (US survey) ch
roperod rdrod (US survey) rdperchpolefathom fath
fathom (US survey) fathellfoot (US survey) ftlink li
link (US survey) liinch (US survey) inbarleycornmilmil, thou
microinchangstrom Aa. u. of length a. u., bX-unit X
fermi F, farpent-picap
pointp, pttwip-alnaln
famn-caliber clcentiinch cin
kenken reed-handbreadth-
fingerbreadth-Planck lengthℓPElectron radius (classical)-
Bohr radius b, a. u.Earth equatorial radiusr earthEarth polar radiusR E
Earth distance from sunAUSun radius-

Complete list of Length converter units and its conversion.

  • 1 centimeter [cm] = 0.01 meter [m]
    cm to m
  • 1 centimeter [cm] = 10 millimeter [mm]
    cm to mm
  • 1 centimeter [cm] = 0.032808399 foot [ft]
    cm to feet