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Objective of Measurement:

Measurement is the most important aspect of our life. We use measurement in science, engineering, business trading, personal life, education, and more other fields. As technology is growing day by day so we need a highly accurate and easy convenient global measuring system in each and every field. It is essential to use standard measurement in every field that everyone to be sure that they not get cheated.

History of Measurement:

In history for measurement people used human body as a tool. For measuring length used forearm, hand, foot & finger as a unit. Same way for measuring weight oldest method is beam balance & still its used. In history, there were lots of measuring systems developed but mostly used imperial & metric system of measurement. We use these systems for measure distances, volume, mass & weight, speed, area etc. Due to this a major problem everyone is facing while doing trading between the countries. A huge improvement in civilization, It necessary to improve measuring standards. Nowadays International Standard (SI) units are used as a global measurement system.

Weight - Easy Unit Converter:

Our Easy Unit Converter will convert weight units Kilograms (kg), Grams (g), Milligram, Metric Ton, Long Ton, Short Ton, Pound (lb), Ounce(oz), Carrat, Atomic Mass Units to vice versa from imperial to metric system. It specially designed to convert kg to lbs, lbs to kg, grams to ounces, ounces to grams, pounds to ounces, ounces to pounds.

Weight converters & it's abbreviations
kilogram kggram gmilligram mg
ton (metric) tpound lbsounce oz
carat car, ctton (short) (US)tonton (long) [(UK)]ton
Atomic mass unit Da or u exagram Egpetagram Pg
teragram TggigagramGgmegagram Mg
hectogram hgdekagramdagdecigramdg
daltonDakilogram-force square second/meter-kilopoundkip
kip-slug-pound-force square second/foot-
pound (troy or apothecary)-poundalpdlton (assay) (US) [AT (US)]-
ton (assay) (UK) [AT (UK)]-kiloton (metric) ktquintal (metric) cwt
hundredweight (US)cwthundredweight (UK)cwtquarter (US) qr
quarter (UK)qrstone (US)-stone (UK)-
tonne tpennyweight pwtscruple (apothecary)s.ap
graingrgamma-talent (Biblical Hebrew)-
mina (Biblical Hebrew)-shekel (Biblical Hebrew)-bekan (Biblical Hebrew)-
gerah (Biblical Hebrew)-talent (Biblical Greek)-mina (Biblical Greek)-
tetradrachma (Biblical Greek)-didrachma (Biblical Greek)-drachma (Biblical Greek)-
denarius (Biblical Roman)-assarion (Biblical Roman)-quadrans (Biblical Roman)-
lepton (Biblical Roman)-Planck massmPElectron mass (rest)me
Muon masse−, ν; e, ν; μProton massp or p+Neutron massn or n0
Deuteron mass2H or DEarth's massME or M⊕Sun's massM☉

Complete list of Weight converter units and its conversion.