Below we have listed out all the Financial calculators that help you to calculate loan interest, future value estimation, & payments calculations and more.

Our unit converter developed to provide a complete financial solution to our visitors. In our site, we developed financial calculators based on standard formulas taken from Academic books & Wikipedia. We provide a detailed explanation for each calculator with step by step explanation for the problem. We have 15+ different financial calculators including home loan, auto loan, personal loan, tip, mortgage, simple interest, compound interest, future value, GST, & VAT calculations.

Finance Definition:

Finance is an art of managing money in order to achieve the appropriate goals or objectives.

It is divided into mainly three contexts they are Public Finance.
Corporate Finance.
Personal Finance.

Public Finance:

Here in this category, it deals with the decision on tax systems to implement, government found spending & expenditures, managing government debts, & budgeting.

Corporate Finance:

In this section, it deals with managing business capital budgeting, debts, assets, liabilities, revenues generation, investments, funding & all other crucial financial decision.

Personal Finance:

It deals with all the financial activities of individuals that how to adequate money, where to spend & invest etc.

Time Value of Money

As per economists in the financial sector, the most important concept is the time value of money. It refers to money in hand at present is more beneficial than money promised to pay in future time. It helps why banks will pay or receive interest whether money deposit or debit (loans).