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It is a free online decimal to seconds, minutes & degrees converter. It converts decimal values to seconds, minutes & degrees with metric conversion.


Degrees to Degrees-Minutes-Seconds Converter

Welcome to our Degrees to Degrees-Minutes-Seconds Converter, a vital tool for anyone dealing with geographical coordinates, astronomy, or any field requiring precise angle measurements. This easy-to-use online tool efficiently converts decimal degrees into degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS), and vice versa.

How the Converter Works

The converter takes a decimal degree value and converts it into a more readable format: degrees, minutes, and seconds. This format is especially useful in fields like navigation and geolocation.

Understanding the Formula

The conversion from decimal degrees to DMS involves the following steps:

  1. Degrees (°): The whole number part of the decimal degree.
  2. Minutes ('): Multiply the decimal part by 60. The whole number part of the result is minutes.
  3. Seconds ("): Take the remaining decimal of the minutes calculation, multiply by 60.

The formula can be expressed as:

DMS = Degrees° Minutes′ Seconds
Minutes = Decimal Part × 60
Seconds=(Minutes Decimal Part)×60

Applications and Users

  1. Geographers and Cartographers: For accurate mapping and Earth surface measurements.
  2. Astronomers: In celestial navigation and star positioning.
  3. Navigators and Pilots: For precise location and route planning.

How to Use This Tool

  1. Enter the decimal degree value.
  2. The tool automatically converts it into degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  3. For reverse conversion, input the DMS values to get decimal degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 20 Minutes in Decimal?

20 minutes is \( \frac{20}{60} \) or 0.3333 in decimal.

How to Convert Decimal Degrees to Minutes and Seconds?

Divide the decimal degree by 1 to get the degrees. Multiply the remaining decimal by 60 to get the minutes. Take the remaining decimal from the minutes calculation and multiply by 60 for the seconds.

Finding Minutes and Seconds from a Decimal?

Multiply the decimal by 60. The whole number is the minutes. Multiply the remaining decimal by 60 again to get the seconds.

How 1 Degree is Equal to 4 Minutes?

This is incorrect. 1 degree equals 60 minutes.

What is Degree and Mins?

Degrees and minutes are units of angular measurement, where 1 degree is equivalent to 60 minutes.

How Do You Write Degrees Decimal Minutes?

It's written as DD°MM.MMM', where DD is degrees and MM.MMM is decimal minutes.

Convert Decimal Degrees to DMS on a Scientific Calculator?

Use the calculator’s function for converting decimal degrees to DMS, often labeled as DMS or a similar notation.

Formula for DMS?

DMS conversion formula is: Degrees = integer of decimal degrees, Minutes = integer of (decimal degree fraction × 60), Seconds = (decimal minute fraction × 60).

Formula for Converting Hours and Minutes to Decimals?

Hours plus (minutes divided by 60).

Formula for Hours and Minutes to Decimal?

Decimal Hours = Hours + (Minutes ÷ 60).

Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Degrees on Calculator?

Use the inverse function of the DMS to convert back to decimal degrees.

Do Degrees Minutes Seconds on Calculator?

Enter the degrees, minutes, and seconds separately and use the DMS function to combine them.

How Many Seconds are in a Degree?

There are 3600 seconds in one degree.

What is Decimal Degree Form?

Decimal degree form is an angle measurement expressed in decimal format.

What is DMS in Trigonometry?

DMS in trigonometry refers to the representation of angles in degrees, minutes, and seconds format.

Convert Decimals to Degrees in Trigonometry?

Multiply the decimal by 180 and divide by π.

What is 5 Minutes in Decimal?

5 minutes is \( \frac{5}{60} \) or approximately 0.0833 in decimal.

How to Calculate Decimal?

Convert fractions or percentages to decimal by dividing by the denominator or multiplying the percentage by 0.01.

What is 20 Minutes in Decimal?

20 minutes is \( \frac{20}{60} \) or 0.3333 in decimal.