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Days Calculator: Calculate Time Span Easily

Our Days Until / Since Calculator is a comprehensive tool designed to calculate the duration between two specific dates or determine how many days are left until a particular date. It's incredibly useful for planning, scheduling, and tracking significant events.

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Days Between Dates:

The Days Between Dates feature allows you to calculate the exact number of days, weeks, and months between two dates. Whether you're counting down to a vacation, project deadline, or marking the duration since an event, this calculator provides precise results to aid your planning.

Understanding the Date Calculator

The Date Calculator measures the time span between two specific dates. To use it, simply input the start and end dates in a month/day/year format. It then calculates the difference in days, weeks, and months, offering clear insight into the duration of any given period.

How to Use the Date Duration Calculator

  1. Access the Date Calculator.
  2. Enter the Start and End dates in month/day/year format.
  3. Click "Calculate" to receive the time difference in days, weeks, and months.

Time Units Explained

Unit Definition
Millennium \(1,000\) years
Century \(100\) years
Decade \(10\) years
Year (average) \(365.242\) days or \(12\) months
Leap year \(366\) days or \(12\) months

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you calculate the duration between two times?
  • How many weeks from date to date?
  • How long is 5 billion years?
  • When was the 1st day of the world?
millennium1,000 years
century100 years
decade10 years
year (average)365.242 days or 12 months
common year365 days or 12 months
leap year366 days or 12 months
quarter3 months
month28-31 days
Jan., Mar., May, Jul., Aug. Oct., Dec.—31 days
Apr., Jun., Sep., Nov.—30 days.
Feb.—28 days for common year and 29 days for leap year
week7 days
day24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds
hour60 minutes or 3,600 seconds
minute60 seconds
secondbase unit
millisecond10-3 second
microsecond10-6 second
nanosecond10-9 second
picosecond10-12 second

Units, symbols and conversion values used in this time calculator

To Convert from
and Convert to
( s )
Multiply by
( s / Unit )
nanosecond ns second 0.000000001
millisecond ms second 0.001
second s second 1
second (sidereal) s second 0.99726956
minute min second 60
minute (sidereal) min second 59.83617361
hour h second 3600
hour (sidereal) h second 3590.170417
day d second 86400
day (sidereal) h second 86164.09
week wk second 604800
month mo second 2628000
shake shake second 0.00000001
year yr second 31536000
year (sidereal) yr second 31449892.85
decade dec second 315360000
century c second 3153600000
millennium millennium second 31536000000