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Units, symbols and conversion values used in this time calculator

To Convert from Unit Unit Symbol and Convert to ( s ) Multiply by ( s / Unit )
nanosecond nssecond0.000000001
second ssecond1
second (sidereal) ssecond0.99726956
minute minsecond60
minute (sidereal)minsecond59.83617361
hour (sidereal) hsecond3590.170417
day dsecond86400
day (sidereal) dsecond86164.09
month mosecond2628000
shake shakesecond0.00000001
year yrsecond31536000
year (sidereal) yrsecond31449892.85
decade decsecond315360000
century csecond3153600000
millennium millenniumsecond31536000000