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Square Meter to Square Feet Conversion

Converting square meters to square feet is simple. To convert square meters (m2) to square feet (ft2), you multiply the number of square meters by 10.7639. This conversion factor comes from the definition that 1 square meter is equal to 10.7639 square feet.


\[ 1 \, \text{m}^2 = 10.7639 \, \text{ft}^2 \]

Example Conversion

Converting 1 square meter to square feet:

\[ 1 \, \text{m}^2 \times 10.7639 = 10.7639 \, \text{ft}^2 \]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you convert sq m to sq ft? Multiply the area value in square meters by 10.7639 to get the area in square feet.
  2. What size is 1 square meter? 1 square meter is equivalent to 10.7639 square feet.
  3. How do you convert m2 to sf2? Use the conversion formula: 1 m2 = 10.7639 ft2.
  4. How many square meters is a 12x12 room? A 12x12 room is 144 square feet, which is approximately 13.378 m2 (144 ÷ 10.7639).
  5. How to calculate sq ft? For a square or rectangular area, multiply the length by the width.
  6. How many feet is 1 square feet? Square feet is a measure of area, not length. 1 square foot is an area of a square with sides of 1 foot.
  7. How to calculate square meter? For a square or rectangular area, multiply the length by the width in meters.
  8. How long is 1 square meter in feet? 1 square meter is about 3.28084 feet long on each side, considering square shape.
  9. How much is 1 square meter of land? The cost varies greatly depending on location and other factors.
  10. How big is a 90 square metre house? A 90 m2 house is equivalent to about 968.751 sq ft.
  11. What is m2 per second? This is a unit of measurement for flux or flow rate, not applicable in area conversions.
  12. How to convert WB M2 to Tesla? This question relates to magnetic flux density, where 1 Tesla = 1 Weber per square meter (WB/m2).
  13. How many square Metres is a 10x10 room? A 10x10 room is 100 square feet, which is approximately 9.29 m2.
  14. How many meters is a 30x40 site? A 30x40 site refers to dimensions in feet, so the area is 1,200 sq ft, or about 111.48 m2.
  15. What is the formula for square meters? Area = length × width, measured in meters.
  16. What is 4 meters in square meters? Square meters measure area, not length. For a square 4 meters on a side, the area is 16 m2.