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Vibration Meters: How They Work and Understanding Their Applications.


Many of us must have heard of a device called vibration meter, but might not exactly know what is it used for. If you do not have a clear idea of what it is and how it is used, here is all that you need to know about this device.

Vibration meters are equipment used to calculate the movement, velocity, and acceleration of a vibrating machine. This device is generally used for examining and manufacturing. Apart from this, it has many uses in laboratories as well. With the help of this gadget, we can easily measure vibrations and fluctuations in diverse machinery and installations.

What parameters does this device cover?

This is a portable gadget that also allows the user to save the readings recovered from it. Later, the same readings can be used in different projects to gain desired outcomes. This essential tool is repeatedly used by condition monitoring specialists for various purposes. Some of the machine maintenance experts also make use of this device while examining frequency in bikes and cycles with sound level tempos. It is extremely helpful in spotting critical frequencies which may create damaging or disturbing noise level. The readings fetched by this meter cover different parameters such as:

  • Vibration acceleration.
  • Vibration velocity.
  • Vibration displacement.

Almost every vibration testing system available in the market comes with a manufacturer’s standardization certificate. By paying some extra money, one can also attain anISO 9000 certificates along with the device. This certificate holds the companies or even personal details. This qualification allows these helpful meters to get added in your internal quality tool kit and ultimately come in use to gain perfect results.

Where can these meters be used?

This cooperative tool is useful in diverse machinery and processes including motors and cam analysis, gear drive and engagement, bearing checks, pumps, fans, compressors, monitoring turbines, equipment shock and pulsation checks, conveyors, machinery comparative studies, and a lot more. The meter that falls in this category and is used most often is the handheld meter. It is a convenient device that records, examines as well as shows vibration motions for fast and reliable equipment monitoring. One can conveniently find these meters around them at a price they can easily afford.

Purchase this tool for streamlining your manufacturing processes without investing much from your pocket.