Radar Detector — April 11, 2017 at 6:39 pm

Radar Detectors And What You Should Look For.


There are many radar detectors available in the market. There are tons of models with features- some that look good, some with helpful reviews and some that are expensive. However, the bottom line remains that if the detector does not detect a radar, it does not suit your purpose. So, it is essential to read all the radar detector reviews both the good and the bad. In addition, it is good to read about the features and what it offers before you decide to purchase the product.

Price is not everything: If you go for the cheapest radar detector, the possibility is that it will warn you of everything in the vicinity and this could be even the grocery doors that open and close. So, what you need is a detector that uses the next generation fully digital signal processing. This will really help to reduce the false alerts to a considerable extent.

Dual Antenna Option: The dual Antenna detector provides a forward facing and a rear facing antenna. This increases its ability to spot radars at greater distances. In some cases of testing, it could spot a radar 12 km away.

POP Radar Alerts: Generally, you don’t encounter radars that are used in the POP mode. However, detectors that claim that they can trigger an alarm when encountering a radar in POP mode may be helpful only if you drive in areas where this mode is used very often. However, the downside is that while searching for such radars, it uses the lesser time to analyze a signal and hence triggering a few false alarms.

Buying a radar detector should ideally allow you to relax while you drive. With technology improvements, innovative designs and enhancements allow you to combine, Bluetooth, GPS and Smartphone compatibility. Not only can you drive with all the modern gadgets but also without distractions.