Pet's Care — June 30, 2017 at 5:27 pm

Is Technology the Future of Owning a Cat?


With recent advances in science and technology, there has been many releases of pet products that are closely related to technology. Below are some tech gadgets that will make owning and taking care of your cat a lot easier.

  1. Automatic Laser Toy

With this tech gadget, you will no longer have to point the laser for both you and your cat’s entertainment no longer. As the toy will point the laser to different locations automatically, your cat and your family will stay entertained for hours without having to worry about pointing the laser yourself.

  1. Pet Cube

With this cube, you will be able to play with your pet without being physically there. With your phone, you can control the cube to do various movements to play around with your pet, even if you are traveling, out on a date, or simply on the bed and lazy to get up!

  1. Shower Stall

If you are the type of person that doesn’t want to go through the trouble of washing your cat often, then this product is for you. This shower stall will wash your cat without you having to endure through the scratching and fighting cats usually put off when you try and wash it.

  1. Pet GPS

Whether you are taking your pet out on a walk or leave someone else to do it, you will always have the exact whereabouts with this gadget. This GPS attaches to your pet’s collar and will send a live feed of its location to your smartphone. So, if you pay a teen in your neighborhood to walk your cat, you will know if he/she is walking your pet or idling.

  1. Drinking Fountain

Lastly, the drinking fountain is one of the oldest, but best gadgets that you can use when owning a pet. This is because the drinking fountain will filter the water and keep it clean without you having to replace the water every day. If you hate replacing the water in your cat’s bowl every day, then this is for you, as the fountain will circulate the water inside it’s tank and filter the bacteria, so that it stays clean for at least a week.