BT SIM — April 13, 2017 at 12:28 pm

Internet Technology – From 1G To 4G


The World is getting wide from a knowledge perspective. People are able to know about everything and anything just because of the availability of internet technology. The Internet is helping us in a variety of ways.

Whether it is a treatment of a disease or a simple recipe or thorough analysis of a particular subject, everybody gets their first solution on the Internet. As it has become important in almost all people’s lives, everybody has an internet connection at home. However, the use of Internet has made it important to have it on their mobile and iPhones.

Now, there are lots of apps for everything in Android phones. Whether it is a game or a match, whether it is business management software or an expense manager, one can have it on their mobile and can control everything over a single touch.

So, people are on the lookout for good speed for their internet connection. There has been a great change in the technology of Internet. It has changed from the first generation to the fourth generation now.

Growth from the first generation to the fourth

Initially, it was a 1G network which was just more than sending message and calls. It was accessible only within the country.

Under 2G it was a digital format transmission and was available globally

With the introduction of 3G, the data transmission speed increased and the range of the speed was between 384kbps to 2mbps. So, it helped one in voice and video calling, the internet was of main use in watching high definition videos and surfing.

Today, it is of 4G technology mostly in use. With 4G, the data transmission speed has increased and the speed ranges from 100mbps to 1gbps.

With the next 5G technology are on the development side, British telecom has started offering 4g facilities with a variety of plans like BT unlimited broadband calls, BT SIM only, total entertainment plan and so on. So, choose the best that suits your need and enjoy having everything over the internet.